Observational chess play

Initial alteration ideation

Refined game alteration

Testing gameplay

First 3D print attempt

Second 3D print attempt

Third 3D print

Smoothing print surface

Primed chess pieces

Painting pieces

Marbled paint effect

Attaching movement guides

"Island" boards veneer squares

Attaching checkered veneer

Attaching gliding mechanism 

Finishing Island boards

Attaching board frame

Observing porotype gameplay

Final Chess Set

Additional Projects

Design language study
Investigation and translation of Ray Ban's design language into a tape dispenser. Complete with manufacturable and ergonomic considerations.
Exploration of user relationship
Explored the long-term relationship between user and product through the design and manufacture of furniture. Emphasis on tactility and interaction-based exposure.
Intuitive wine glass
Implement intuitive handling alterations to wine glasses to improve drinking experience and limit temperature interference for novice wine drinkers.
Static: print & plaid development
Hillrom: branding development
Exploration of planar form
Managed the relationship of planar forms in three dimensional space through a chair. Form includes functional and ergonomics considerations to create an effective seating design.
Mackenzie-Childs: furniture development
Furniture design and development for the MC collections.
Re-contextualize air compression
A collaborative design for a dual-function air compressor specifically for bikers and hikers. Fits the average volume and weight of typical water bottle holders in bikes and backpacks.
Lighting: material & shadow exploration
Experimentation and manipulation of materials to see how they diffuse, refract, absorb, and reflect light. Additionally, create a fixture which displays dimension and visual interest while inactive.
Solution for the coastal, errand shopper
Footwear solution must feature a sand removal system and maintain streamlined foot entry while remaining lightweight and supportive for 14 hour wear.
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