Project Goal: Design training footwear that offers protection and precision for skilled boxing workouts.
Design Thesis Presentation
Boxing Fitness
Group fitness trend that combines skilled boxing workouts and strength training for weight loss and body conditioning.
Consumer is not concerned with records or accolades, but rather personal development.

Boxing Fitness Gym

User Environment
High-intensity training regimes, taught in group sessions intended to excel individual performance. 
Due to the large class sizes and streamlined training practices, most Boxing Fitness gyms choose to eliminate boxing rings.
Women, 25-35 years old 
3-5 days a week, 1-2 hour sessions 
Group range: 20-40
There is NO footwear designed for Boxing Fitness.
 Boxing boots put unnecessary stress on user.
 Other training footwear interferes with performance capabilities.
Design Criteria 
     - To minimize continuous impact and prevent potential injury.
   Agile Precision
     -  Enable proper execution of basic movements.
     -  Distributes force to improve ground contact and responsiveness.
     - Allows execution of workouts at a high level for 1-2 hours without excessive muscle stress.
Material Criteria 
    - Moisture wicking
    - Odor resistant
    - Hydrophilic

    - Good hand (feels good on skin)
    - Fit (contoured to the foot/leg)

Minimal Weight
    - Lightweight materials
    - Lack of materials in specific places
           - Resilient fibers
           - High tensile strength
           - Abrasion resistant
           - Abrasion resistant
           - Non porous/hydrophobic
           - Anti-catch grip
Basic Exercises & Pressure Assessments
Shadow Boxing
Mountain Climbers
Box Jumps
Jump Rope
Heavy-bag Punching
Iteration result 1.0
Closure system and compression collar
Iteration Result 2.0

Prototype 1
Prototype 1: pattern
Prototype 1: upper construction
Prototype 1: outsole and lockdown attachment
Prototype 1: complete
Prototype 2: outsole mold
Prototype 2: outsole attach to upper
Prototype 2: complete
Prototype 3
Prototype 3: paper pattern
Prototype 3: upper construction
Prototype 3: complete upper
Prototype 3: toggle and outsole attachment
Prototype 3: fit test

Mountain climbers

Box jumps

Heavy bag

Shadow boxing

Prototype 3: User testing
Prototype 4
Prototype 4: Upper construction
Prototype 4: Arch support 3D print
Prototype 4: Compression sock/insole hybrid
Prototype 4: Upper and compression insole
Prototype 4: Colorway
Prototype 5
Prototype 5: 3D Resin Print
Prototype 5: Sewing upper
Prototype 5: Attaching arch support, lockdown, and outsole
Prototyping 5: Fit testing

Mountain climbers

Box Jumps

Jump rope
Jump rope
Shadow boxing
Shadow boxing
Heavy bag
Heavy bag
 Prototype 5: User testing
Prototype 5: Flex stance with compression insole
Our color story was inspired by the light, translucent qualities of jellyfish, mirrored in the structural design of our footwear. We also addressed our user feedback that expressed a desire for non-gendered colorways. This was combined with our research of color trend forecasting for the upcoming 5 years to result in Luminosity.
Material Criteria Fulfillment
we chose synthetic leather patchwork which not only references the materiality of traditional  boxing gloves and boots , it is also strong enough to withstand the long-term wear endured by fitness footwear.
Using a lightweight, engineered knit for our sock upper significantly reduced the weight of our footwear without sacrificing necessary structure.
Where possible we included canvas pads which reference the stretched canvas floor of boxing rings as well as offering  moisture wicking,  breathable properties to reduce chafing and overheating.
Comfort is considered with the materiality of the TPU shank which supports the arch while being flexible enough to not interfere with the natural movement of the foot.
Design Criteria Fulfillment
We redefined comfort by eliminating bulky midsoles and introducing a lightweight TPU arch shank. Additionally, the ankle collar creates a smooth transition from shoe to leg even when not using the hybrid compression insole.
When in use The compression insole aids proper blood circulation and allows execution of workouts at a high level for 1-2 hours without excessive muscle strain.
Agile Precision:  
A wide plane of lockdown secures the foot to the slim-profile outsole which Enables proper execution of basic fitness movements.
The outsole, lockdown and shank also work together to Distribute the force on the foot improving ground contact and responsiveness.
Tempo uses a series of patchwork to secure the heel, sides and forefoot to prevent potential injury.
Tempo also features a gap in the arch support and outsole in order to minimize continuous impact on the heel bone.

Additional Projects

Hillrom: branding development
Exploration of user relationship
Explored the long-term relationship between user and product through the design and manufacture of furniture. Emphasis on tactility and interaction-based exposure.
Static: print & plaid development
Syracuse Poster Project
The Syracuse Poster Project brings together community poets and artists to create an annual  series of illustrated poetry posters. Finalists posters selected by a panel of judges are printed and posted around the city.
Re-contextualize air compression
A collaborative design for a dual-function air compressor specifically for bikers and hikers. Fits the average volume and weight of typical water bottle holders in bikes and backpacks.
Design language study
Investigation and translation of Ray Ban's design language into a tape dispenser. Complete with manufacturable and ergonomic considerations.
Lighting: material & shadow exploration
Experimentation and manipulation of materials to see how they diffuse, refract, absorb, and reflect light. Additionally, create a fixture which displays dimension and visual interest while inactive.
Solution for the coastal, errand shopper
Footwear solution must feature a sand removal system and maintain streamlined foot entry while remaining lightweight and supportive for 14 hour wear.
Designing for behavior modification
A collaborative alteration of human interaction during chess play.
Footwear solution for the urban runner
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